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TLCBD Service Data

Neighborhood Improvement

It’s what we do…

TLCBD accomplishments include work focused on enhanced cleaning services, beautification initiatives and community development

Enhanced Cleaning Accomplishments 

(Cleaning service data from years 2012-14)

Needles Collected

Bags of Litter Collected
Graffiti Tags Cleaned

441 paid transitional jobs provided through cleaning service provider.
1 Website Promoting Local Arts, Culture and Business – Developed
1 Multi-Day Public Art Festival– Organized
2 Community Safety Programs – Coordinated
5 Street Festivals– Organized
3 Neighborhood Focused Photo Exhibits – Commissioned/Organized
Numerous Community Focused Events and Projects – Sponsored

Beautification Initiatives


140 Trees Planted by the TLCBD


2 Neighborhood-wide Street Banner Campaigns


2 Public Access Toilet Projects


3 Major Murals Commissioned
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