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Advocacy for Neighborhood Initiatives

The Tenderloin CBD partners with many organizations, both public and private, to work on various initiatives and issues affecting the residents, property owners, employees and visitors of the Tenderloin neighborhood.


Below is a list of some of the organizations and initiatives the TLCBD is involved with in various areas for the neighborhood and community:


Golden Gate Safety Network

The Golden Gate Safety Network and Four Corner Fridays are an initiative and collaboration of numerous businesses and organizations along and adjacent to the 100 and 200 Blocks of Golden Gate Avenue. The collaboration started when local nonprofits and business owners met in early 2014 to discuss and consider how to handle an uptick in negative and illegal activities just outside their doorsteps. Along with support from the local police station, the group meets monthly to review and discuss initiatives and efforts at increasing safety to the public realm. Also, once a month on an agreed upon Friday, the network activates several corners in the blocks of the area with fun, educational and supportive activities. All feel a sense of commitment towards working on a common goal of area safety and note a positive change to the area’s environment when the region is activated.

4corner friday

Living Innovation Zones (LIZ)

A LIZ is a temporary installation on Market Street, San Francisco’s cultural, civic and economic spine. The program is structured to seed cross-disciplinary collaborations that result in place-based experiences. LIZs can serve as opportunities for testing new ideas, projects, and technologies. LIZs are intended as enhancements to the public realm, encouraging people to connect with each other and their city.

Each LIZ is a collaboration between the City, creative and cultural organizations and the communities in which the LIZ is sited. LIZ is managed by an interagency team: co-led by the Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, the San Francisco Planning Department and the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC). Other agencies within the City are brought in as needed. The TLCBD is excited to be a community partner in three upcoming LIZ projects for the District.


Central Market Partnership

In January 2010, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) launched the Central Market Partnership, a public/private initiative to renew and coordinate efforts to revitalize the Market Street neighborhood between 5th Street and Van Ness Avenue. The City’s goal is to restore Central Market as San Francisco’s downtown arts district while inviting in new retail, restaurants, and businesses to take advantage of the transit rich corridor that serve the adjacent Tenderloin and SOMA neighborhoods. OEWD is leading this multi-agency effort to reinvest in this neighborhood Multiple City Agencies. nonprofit organizations, and private sector partners are coordinating efforts to implement the Central Market Economic Strategy (CMES) developed in November 2011.


Better Market Street

The Better Market Street Project is an initiative between city agencies and community partners to improve and enhance one of the oldest streets in San Francisco. Market Street cuts across the City for three miles from the waterfront at the Ferry Building to hills of Twin Peaks at the base of Castro. This project aims to improve the overall experience for residents, merchants, shoppers, and people visiting Market Street. The Better Market Street Project is an opportunity for the City to collect and analyze comments on how to improve and reinvigorate this public realm. This project is in the visioning process and the goal is to reshape and redesign Market Street to coincide with the planned resurfacing of this corridor in 2014. Click here for more information






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