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United Nations Plaza

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San Francisco’s United Nations Plaza, located on Market Street at the eastern edge of the city’s Civic Center complex. The Plaza is the gateway to City Hall, and at night offers one of the best views of City Hall and Civic Center Plaza. UN Plaza is named after the United Nations, whose charter was signed in San Francisco. 

The Plaza has been a platform for many community and civic events and gatherings for decades. Today, UN Plaza is home to two San Francisco destinations that attract visitors and residents weekly. Heart of the City Farmer’s Market is hosted every Wednesday and Sunday. The Market has been touted as ‘The People’s Market’ as it offers an amazing variety of affordable fresh produce. And, beginning in 2014 The Friday Night Market lit up the Plaza on Friday nights with live music, local vendors, food trucks and an outdoor cocktail patio. Friday Night Market will continue throughout 2015. 

Farmer’s Market Site
Friday Night Market Site


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