Assessments Info

Assessment Methodology

The four variables used in determining individual property assessments are as follows:

  • Linear frontage (sidewalk frontage)
  • Land area/lot size
  • Building square footage
  • Building use

There is a total of 3,009,644 sq. ft. in gross lot size, 39,271 sq. ft. in linear frontage and 7,740,734 sq. ft. in building square footage in the District.

Assessment formula:

Total Property Assessment = $.125 per square foot of lot size + $8.25 per linear foot of lot frontage + (.03 per square foot of non-exempted building area*)

* Specific building use square footage is discounted from the overall assessment if the use includes churches and nonprofit organizations. These parcel’s assessments would be limited to their lot size and linear footage, and any building use related to commercial use only. This does not apply to educational institutions.

To learn more about assessment methodology and assessment budget allocations, please see the TL CBD District Management Plan


Mona Caron Mural

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