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CBD Information and Structure

A Community Benefit District (CBD) is a nonprofit organization that funds special benefit services in a neighborhood through property assessments. Established by a vote of local property owners and formed through the city government, CBDs enable local business and community members to empower a single organization with improving the public space in ways beyond what individuals can manage.

In contrast to citywide services such as police, housing, water, etc., a CBD is designed to target problems particular to its community. These services solely benefit the community the CBD is based in, and assessments on local properties are the sole revenue base for the CBD’s activities. The funds are therefore used effectively and transparently for a very specific purpose, and CBD’s are required to have open board meetings and committee deliberations to ensure maximum accountability. CBD Board members are comprised of local property owners, residents and business tenants.

The special benefits a CBD is allowed to fund include services beyond what the city already provides. Special benefits and services a CBD can provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning of the public rights of way, sidewalks and gutter (general vs. special benefit)
  • Beautification and decorations
  • Neighborhood greening, tree maintenance and planting
  • Special community or neighborhood fairs, festivals or events
  • Economic development initiatives
  • Neighborhood promotion projects
  • Special lighting
  • Advocacy for planning, zoning and land use issues and neighborhood betterment
  • Administration support on behalf of neighborhoods

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